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Responsible Contractor is dedicated to improving the practices and image of Contractors in Construction. We help the construction industry focus on improving practices and operations to promote a culture and image of safety and ethics.


We believe all contractors should practice good worker safety, environmental responsibility, and be a good neighbor. We believe this is the key to improving the construction industry.

Anonymous Incident Reporting

Help us improve and reshape the industry by reporting unethical or unsafe practices. Remain anonymous while helping resolve construction industry issues.

Responsible Contractor 2013 Construction Industry Awards


When a company dominates the landscape with a power tool for 30 years you would think that a competitor would be able to copy or manage to pull a few points of market share. Not in the case of the Skilsaw. The original worm drive has managed to stay on top the last ten years with making it lighter and virtually bulletproof. Now here is the game changer 4 pounds lighter. That is a 15% reduction in weight. “That would be like lifting a ton less per day” a carpenter said, then going on to explain, “If I make a 100 cuts a day that’s a lot less weight to lift.” Well his math wasn’t correct but I think we all got the picture and all the weight savings didn’t sacrifice an ounce of performance. The weight reduction will definitely be user friendly and reduce injuries.

For being on top and staying on top the new Skill MAG77LT gets the nod from Responsible Contractor CiA2013 for power tools.


Giving a new brand of safety glasses the Safety Product of the year was a questioned by my fellow judges but when you wear a pair there is nothing else that compares. Lightweight, contemporary style and with lens designed for pilots you and your employees will want to disgard your $100 sunglasses and kill two birds with one stone. At responsible Contractor we know that style in construction is alive and important. Just look at the success of Carhartt, Blackladder and White Caps Custom Shop. Brand X has taken a unique style that will be accepted by construction workers and added all the features like anti fog and polarized and raised the bar.

For being in tune to the style and needs of a construction worker Brand X X1 gets the nod from Responsible Contractor CiA2013 for Safety Product.

GlassBlast Blast Media

Glass as a blast media has been around for a long time but a high quality crushed glass manufactured from recycled glass for sandblasting really wasn’t available until GlassBlast. Starting with one of the largest recycler of glass and quality standards set by the fiber glass insulation industry puts GlassBlast in a class of its own when it comes to quality. Priced between slags and garnet GlassBlast makes the change from sand price effective. Being environmentally inert, silica free with no heavy metals makes GlassBlast safer for users and the jobsite. Any product can be made safer for workers and the environment. GlassBlast did this with improving production rates at the same time.

For being environmentally safe, priced right and fast GlassBlast gets the nod from Responsible Contractor CiA2013 for Material.


Remodeling and Tenet Improvements are a industry of their own when it comes to construction. A lot of innovative products enter the construction market thru this channel because of the challenges of working inside the box or on top of the box. Saf-T-Kut blades were designed for one purpose in mind, cutting installed plaster and drywall. The challenges of not knowing what is in the path of the blade has been resolved since the blade length reduces the chance for cutting electrical, plumbing and the structural members that might be behind the drywall being cut. Fitting any commercial reciprocating saw also make it economical to introduce into the tool fleet.

For keeping workers safe Saf-T-Kut gets the nod from Responsible Contractor CiA2013 for accessory.

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